What is Trade Coin Club?

Trade Coin Club is a company registered in Belize and Vanuatu, with headquarters in Belize. The project has been on the market since January 2017 and is still in the prelaunch phase until the end of May. TCC is run by Joff Paradise, Dover Braga and some other founding members, but later on. Trade Coin Club offers us the opportunity to participate in the crypt-growing market, which has become increasingly important in recent years. This is possible in the form of a trading robot, which always deals with the top 10 crypto coins on the market. For this automated trading software, we can purchase a license in different price classes, allowing our bitcoins to be completely passive for us.

Of course, the company also offers a very lucrative marketing plan with 5 income opportunities to recommend the project to our partners. However, if you are not interested in the team structure, you can only use the passive variant.

What is a trading bot?

As you may know, when trading with cryptic stimuli, the focus is on concentration, discipline and endurance. The factors just mentioned are limited in every human being, since no mortal can sit concentrated in front of several screens for days, making even deliberate decisions. It is also in our nature that we bring our emotions into everything that has to do with our capital, for example. So it can happen that an inexperienced trader is not acting sensibly as he is either greedy or does not realize a loss early enough.

The solution to this problem is a so-called trading bot (trading software), which has been developed to make automatic trades using previously collected data and algorithms. This bot does not deal with emotions, nor will it lack discipline, concentration or endurance. A trading robot can work 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, and every second a variety of so-called micro trades. All of these are enormous benefits when it comes to safety and efficiency, which can not be guaranteed by a human trader in this form.

What are cryptosciences?

So-called cryptographic currencies are digital and decentralized currencies, with the bitcoin probably the best known of all. Some of the benefits of cryptography are a very low fee, short transaction times across the globe, rising popularity and acceptance, high anonymity, no danger of inflation and, last but not least, a strong increase in value is possible.

Now, there are basically three ways to make money through cryptoscripts. The most obvious method is simply to buy one or several coins and leave them in their wallet until they gain in value, unfortunately this can often take a very long time and it is always difficult to foresee the future for a long time.

The second possibility is the mining, this is the process at which the individual coins are created. Here, there are several companies which offer the license for their mining facilities for a fee. In effect, both possibilities are not exactly profitable and you need either a lot of capital or time to achieve significant results here.

The third possibility is to act with cryptic stimuli, which I will explain to you sooner

What is CryptoTrading?

Crypto-trading is used to buy and sell various cryptos. Simpel explained they are bought at a low price and sold at a high price. This often happens within a few hours or even minutes, and since most cryptos are usually subject to strong fluctuations, it is here with the necessary know-how to achieve a high profit in a short time.

How serious is Trade Coin Club?

We can never say 100% how a project will evolve in the future, but we can analyze the current facts and see what potential is behind them.

Let's start with the evidence that TCC provides about the activities we offer. I spent a lot of time watching pictures and video on TTC, which is really a lot to us. For example, we find a lot of material about the office and the tradinge device, we are presented with licenses of the company and current recordings are shown during the trades.

Next, let's look at the operators of the project. About Joff Paradise, one of the founders of TCC, we can learn a lot, and he originally came from Germany and currently lives in Las Vegas. He is said to have built many companies like restaurants, casinos or gyms in the past. Joff and the rest of the founders have a competent impression on me, and I have also noticed a high level of activity and openness in the majority.

The prospective planning of the remuneration plan and the professionally designed website are two other pluses for me because it is always good to see if something has been invested in the project.

By and large I would say the Trade Coin Club convinced by a professional appearance, high transparency and predictive planning. In addition, we are offered a realistic and yet attractive profit. All this makes TCC a long-term project for me

What does Trade Coin Club offer us?

The company's offer can be roughly divided into two income streams, the first being completely passive. Here we have the choice between 3 different plans: Apprentice, Trader and Senior Trader. All plans include a license to participate in the trading income of automated trading software. The smallest plan starts at 0.25 Bitcoin plus a one-off fee of 0.05 Bitcoin which brings us to a minimum of 0.3 Bitcoin (approximately 300 $ to the current price) to start at TCC. Depending on the plan, we have a term of 8 to 12 months. After expiry of the full term of the contract, each member will receive his entire deposit. Even before the end of this term, we are always free to withdraw our contribution, but in this case 50% charges will be charged.

A stop loss of 0.35 to 0.45% is set daily for the passive profits offered by TCC. This means that the percentage mentioned above is always the absolute minimum which according to TCC is distributed to us members. From my experience so far, however, the current average profit is significantly higher, at almost 1% daily. Getradet will be from Monday to Friday, which would bring us an estimated profit of 20% monthly. Apart from this, we must take into account the fact that every member, every four months, deducts a quarter of his profits during this period. This tax is, for example, part of the company's career plan and other expenses and is therefore an indication of stability for me.

A special feature that I would not like to withhold at this point is the benefit of the Bitcoin course. All deposits, profits and services are expected in Bitcoin. While there is no guarantee that the bitcoin rate will rise, it has been in a steady upward trend for more than two years and is gaining in popularity and popularity in recent years.

In addition to the passive trading income, there are 5 additional income opportunities in the field of team building. These are the direct bonus, the indirect bonus, the team bonus, the residual bonus and the renewable team bonus. But more on this page.

  • Operator: Alexander Chebotrev and Grigory Shemet
  • Headquarters: St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Company Registration: England
  • Personal 22 employees / 4 traders
  • Start the MLM: End of 2016 (in the German region: April 2017)
  • Profit Approximately 20-30% monthly
  • Minimum start amount: $ 100
  • Income Options: Passive trading income, unilevel compensation plan, career bonuses and team bonuses
  • Running Time: 12 months deposit will be refunded at the end of the term (Forex 100% / Crypto 60%)
  • Payments At any time possible, trading starts always next business day
  • Payment Methods Bitcoin, ADV-Cash and Perfect Money
  • distributions: The dropping proceeds are distributed daily from Monday to Friday
  • Payouts Only possible at the weekend
  • Broker used: RoboForex, Cyprus (license: IFSC / 60/271 / TS / 17) & amp; MQL5 account available
  • MQL5 Trading Report: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/222834

In the following video, I'll tell you exactly what your first steps should be if you decided to start with Biznet & nbsp ;. Then you will find a small list of the different points, & nbsp; which I will include in the following video & nbsp;

  1. Registration
  2. Dashboard and Backoffice
  3. Deposit and package purchase
  4. payment
  5. Settings
  6. Career Level
  7. Partner & News

Your start

With & nbsp; Biznet, we basically have the choice between two markets, the crypt currency market and the forex market. I will now introduce you to the various plans more precisely and explain.

Forex Trading

Let's look at the Forex plans first. Here we have the choice between three different options, the first two completely passive for us and the latter needs our activity. For all Forex plans, we are & nbsp; free to leave our deposit 100% or continue to work for us after a term of 12 months.

1st Hand Trade

In the Handtrade plan, we can let our money be traded manually on the Forex market. This means that professional traders, who are employed at Biznet, do manual trades. However, we can fully benefit from it. The profit in this plan is between 10-15% monthly. The profits are distributed to us from Monday to Friday. The term & nbsp; of the plan is & nbsp; 12 months and we receive 100% of our paid amount after this term. Minimum for the start is 25 $.

second Robotrade

This plan works the same as the one described above, but it is not manually traded with our deposit, but an automated software. The monthly profit in Plan Robotrade ranges between 20 and 30%. & Nbsp; The profits are distributed to us from Monday to Friday. & Nbsp; Again, the maturity is 12 months and we will get 100% reimbursed after this term. & Nbsp; Minimum for the start is also $ 25.

3. & nbsp; Manual Trade

In addition, we have a license for the independent traden via the software "Andromeda". This software can either be rented for a price of $ 100 or is provided free of charge from the career rank "Consultant". Alternatively, the trading robot can also be bought for sale. Including one year of technical support & nbsp; and current updates, the price here is $ 5000. The estimated profit is between 10 and 70% per month. Personally I would recommend this third possibility, however, only to experienced persons in this area.


The second area in which Biznet is active is the cryptic market. Here too, we have the choice between 3 different plans, which allow us to keep our money completely passive. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Unlike the Forex plans, where the profit can vary, we are told here a concrete profit, which can have advantages and disadvantages. & Nbsp;

1. & nbsp; standard

The default plan is available from a & nbsp; deposit of at least $ 25 USD. This plan provides a profit of 15% per month, which is distributed on a daily basis.

second Ultra

The Ultra-Plan is available from a & nbsp; deposit of at least $ 3000 USD. This plan provides a profit of 21% per month, which is distributed on a daily basis.

third Ultimate

The Ultimate Plan is available from a & nbsp; deposit of at least $ 10,000 USD. This plan shows a profit of 27% per month which is distributed on a daily basis.


In addition to the three plans mentioned above, we also find a mining plan in our backoffice. The prospecting of crypto-currency & nbsp; is to be possible with Biznet in the future. However, this is an option which is not yet available and which has not yet been scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.

Compensation plan

The compensation plan offered to us by Biznet & nbsp; is based on a Unilevel Plan and can be divided into 5 different income ranges:

  • Direct commissions
  • Indirect commissions
  • Career bonus
  • Teamwork Bonus
  • Global Bonus

The unilevel plan is subdivided into 10 different career stages, which must be achieved sequentially. I would like to emphasize once again that the recommendation is really completely optional, but here is still a huge potential for active partners. When it comes to the career stages, there are always two things: the amount of your own contribution and the turnover generated in your downline. How many levels deeply you are rewarded always decides your current rank. You can also earn a teamwork and a global bonus in the higher levels. In addition, we have the opportunity to benefit from a teamwork and global bonus , But more about this later. To be eligible for commission at all, you should have made at least $ 100 deposit.


For a better understanding, I would like to give you an example of the career stages listed below.

Assuming you have already made a deposit of at least $ 100 and qualify for the first tier, that means you get 7% commission on the total sales in your first level. As soon as your partners make deposits of at least $ 1,000 on your first level, you are qualified for career level two. As an award for this, you receive a one-time bonus of $ 50 and are now eligible to receive a 5% rebate on the sales generated in the second level. Thus, now the third career stage requires a turnover of at least $ 5,000 this revenue can now be generated not only in the first level, but also in the second. All you have to do is note that the revenue is the one that has not been generated in your strongest leg (partner).

This is the principle that all 8 levels work, with the difference that you need a higher level of your own in the higher levels. Below you will find the graphics in which the remuneration system is summarized again

Teamwork bonus

The teamwork bonus is distributed between career levels 4 to 7 and covers the entire team turnover. This bonus is paid once per month (depending on the career level) on the total turnover in the downline. In order to qualify for this bonus, your turnover has to double every 3 months.

Global Bonus

The global bonus is distributed from career levels 8 to 10 and covers the turnover of the entire company. This bonus is paid once per month (depending on the career level) on the total turnover in the company & nbsp ;. To continue qualifying for this bonus, your revenue volume must double & nbsp; every year.