System Choice

System choice

In the following category, I will show you what factors are really important in the system choice and give you a guide on how exactly I am doing it. As a first step, you’ll probably have encountered a new system somewhere that looks interesting to you at first sight. Now you should try to find as much information as possible. You can do this either directly on the website, on blogs, on YouTube, or on partners of the system. However, in any of the ways described above, no one will normally directly advise you of the disadvantages of the system, but always the good side. For this reason, you should never rely on only one or a few sources and always question everything.

The problem is, many people begin their research with skepticism against the system to be analyzed, but they can be persuaded more and more during their research and decide too early for this reason. I personally go the system choice always with the aim of finding an error or a disagreement. But here you are told that there are always disadvantages and advantages with every business. What I would like to say is that it is very important not only to rely on a factor no matter whether negative or positive because what counts is the overall picture.

All these factors do not play a role in HYIP’s and matrix systems, nor do they apply to most Revshare programs. I will only show you how you can analyze a system with a real business (for example, Forex or Crypto-Trading).


Every system has always a history of how the profit is generated (if not, it is almost certainly a HYIP), and your task is now to find out if this story is true, and if you have some kind of proof. If this is not the case, the system is very likely to be a fraud system, and that is exactly what we want to avoid. You can usually find a proof in the form of a video, image or screenshots. Unfortunately, this is difficult to generalize to all systems. For trading systems, there should always be a trading report on which you can see the volume and trades traded. At Mining Pools, a video of the Mining farm would be a handy proof, but here you have to make sure that it is not only a video (or picture) of any mining farm, but this can also be connected with the company. If you want to invest in a crypt diet, it is important that this is offered to at least one Exchanger for the purchase and sale. At Revshares, it is often quite obvious whether or not the page is advertised. In the case of Revshares which indicate to advertise outside their own website, this must also be proven once. Also with all other online systems, which I have not mentioned here, always want to be checked first, if really a real business behind it. A registered company or a certificate on the website does not say too much at this point. I recommend you to research this factor very thoroughly because it is in most cases the most important.

Owner / CEO

The research about the operator (s) of a system should never be too short, because the operator decides in the end about the success or the failure of a project. If the owner decides to close the program then no one will be able to do anything about it. For this reason, it is so important to choose a system in which the operator is at least known. But in most cases this is not enough, at least a few videos and pictures should be available about him, but in my opinion, a few pictures alone say nothing. In this case, the ever-opener of life or the camera looks the better, even regular communication (via social media etc.) to the members is an advantage. Then you should run a little deeper investigation and whether the one has a background in relation to online business, this can be postive but also negative. Possibly the operator already had some systems in the past running, which all failed, then it is obviously very likely that this will happen again. Also, the owner should have a sense of what he is doing, which can also be found through his past. A very good sign with regard to the operator is when it has a vision and you can see how he deals with his business, whether he has all his strength and energy and if he has not started the whole thing purely because of the money , But really wants to change something. You will very rarely find all these points with an owner, but the more true the better.


A large part of the transparency is as already mentioned the owner of the enterprise. In addition, no questions should remain open and you should get an answer to everything. As noted before, good communication with the members is an important factor. Especially if there are any problems, the guide should inform us immediately. Depending on the nature of the system, there should be precise insights into what the system generates the above-mentioned profits. This means transparency can be found in principle in every aspect of a company or not, the more of it there is the more confidence in the system can grow.


It is easy to find a stable system and it is as easy to find a system with high percentages. When it comes to profit, however, art is a system in which there is an optimal relation between profit and stability. A realistic percentage for most well-known companies is between 0.2 and 1% daily profit. If you have insider knowledge, happiness or experience, you can also find real and stable business with up to 2% daily, but this is very rare and you will not just jump in the normal way. Anything that is about 2% pure profit daily, I can tell you with fair certainty that it is no real business. You should, of course, also pay attention to whether there are packages which expire or other charges, by which the originally indicated percentage decreases. But now back to the relationship between profit and stability, I personally do not think that it makes sense to choose a system which looks very stable, but you do not get into the profit until one year or more. The problem is that every business is at risk, no matter how stable it may be, and if you choose a system with a small percentage now, the risk increases again by the time factor. If you find a system that has a minimal stability, but you can write green numbers within 3 months, then the risk may be lower. Do you understand what I want? Because of this longer time, which you need at system number one in order to get out of the risk at all, the probability that something unexpected happens happens bigger and bigger.

I personally try to never bring my daily percentage below 0.5%, but I would recommend you to look for a daily percentage of at least 1%, since your start would be very difficult. The higher the profit, the faster you reach the break even point and thus reduce your risk, yet you should never put the profit over the other factors, because first you have to check whether a real and proven business exists, whether the necessary Transparency and all the following factors.


If you have a handful of information on the fact that the project has been planned for some months or years, then this is definitely a good sign. In some cases, the company has been a private customer for some time and has recently been launched in conjunction with a sales system, which would also be a plus. Here too, of course, the necessary proofs should be given.


If a company organizes events, events or regular life hangouts, this is evidence of transparency and professionalism. It is important to note, however, whether this is an official event of the company on which the company’s executives are present, or whether it is merely an event of members, the latter would rather say less.


If you are a partner or a member of an online system, it is important to have a contact person to contact if you have any technical problem. A contact person can be either the company itself, which often works through a support ticket system on the website, through an official Facebook group or a good sponsor. You can test the whole thing by simply asking a general question before you start, and you can see how well the service of the respective system or your sponsor works.


A well-designed website offers advantages, but I personally do not attach importance to it, since I have seen in the past some very professional websites which have disappeared in a short time. If you have the choice between two systems, which are similar to the stability, the transparency and all other important points, I would always prefer that with the better web design. Because a clear and beautifully seen system can be recommended, of course, also a little better.


I personally like to see which well-known faces in the industry promote the system to be investigated. This may be something you can not implement if you are still completely new in the industry, but you will get to know which people have a clue and how some of them tick and then this can also be a criterion of system selection become.

If you would like to promote or recommend the system later, it may be that the market is already filled by the competition. This means that perhaps the majority of your pupil, which you want to address, has already heard of the system or is active in it. Here a little competition animates the business, too much will make your work unnecessarily difficult.


The growth actually only plays a role when the system is always dependent on new members, which is usually only the case with Revshares, HYIP’s and Ponzi systems. It is much more important that there is a constant growth than a strong one. You can either record the number of members of the system on the website at regular intervals, or use the website , which is a practical tool Is to be observed around the growth of a certain website in the global comparison. In the beginning, the chart here is usually very steeply rising and should then gradually rise after some time. It does not immediately mean the end for a system just because the Alexa Rank falls, but with HYIP’s and Ponzi’s this is often the case. If a Revshare due to an event causes the growth to drop after a while, this is not necessarily a problem. If the Alexa rank of a website should fall steadily over a longer period of time, this is definitely a bad sign. This excludes systems which do not depend on new members.


Just like the growth, timing usually only plays a role when it is a system that is always dependent on new members. Because each of these systems will disappear sooner or later or no longer work and I think it is logical that it is only worthwhile here, if one is early. For a classic HYIP, I would never wait more than a few weeks (if at all) because business models of this kind always have an “expiration date” even if this time can vary greatly.

There is another sitution where you should value the timing and if you want to recommend the respective system. As I have already explained to you in the point “competition”, it may be that the market is already overfilled if the system has been on the market for a very long time. This does not make it easier to promote it, but not impossible. If you find two systems with similarly good conditions then I would always recommend you the newer. If that would mean that you have to make for the newer system on other factors to make bigger reductions, then I advise you to stay with the “old” system.


Now you know all the factors you should consider when choosing a system. I would like to point out to you that this is not a factor, whether positive or negative, because the overall picture is the only thing that counts here. There are also factors which are very important and others which are less relevant. I have tried to bring you as good as possible. In the end, however, you need the experience you need to be able to assess this correctly. Now you can still be at the very beginning and can not yet have the necessary experience. Then please take care now, because this is something that many people will not make because they do not keep it unnecessary. Beaobachte other business as if it were your own! First look at all the systems that are offered to you! If you are doing this, analyzing these systems after the above steps, and then watching them for the next weeks or months, you will quickly gain experience without risking your own money in these systems. And if you document the results of your research and the course of the systems in writing, you can recognize clear patterns after a while and become better and better in this area.

Of course, you can also look first in my portfolio, which only includes systems, which I carefully selected according to the aforementioned factors.

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