If you have run through my training series in turn, you should have noticed a little in the Risk category, how important it is to have a strategy and not just start without a plan. Of course, if you have a little money left and you do not have a specific goal, you can start without any strategy in any system, just have a look what happens and skip this article. But I assume that you have a goal and you should write this down or keep in the back of your head.

What is a realistic goal?

I can give you, of course, no exact specifications, how the whole figure should look. Nevertheless, I will give you examples in the following category, which are, however, only related to me and my situation. By this I would like to say what is a lot of money for a person can be very little for another person or vice versa. For this reason it depends firstly always on what your starting capital is and secondly what your goal is.

To give you the first example here, it is possible to start with approximately 2,500 € starting capital and to develop from it within six months a monthly, five-digit income. But I have to say that this is anything but typical, I have worked in these 6 months often day and night, did nothing else but focused on my business and really spent only the most needed of my profit until I had reached my monthly goal , I would never have been able to achieve this result if I had not started with video marketing, because in the beginning, my first partner commission paid me a big boost. I do not want to give you false hopes here, nor would I like to indicate, but I would just like to show you what is possible. For there is no guarantee that you will achieve it anyway, it is quite possible to get the same or more, provided you have the necessary things and are ready to take the time to work and capital.

If you want to live with it, it is important that you set a goal that is much higher than what you really need, as we must always live with the risk of losing one or more of our systems.

So you should think of a realistic goal, based on the work and the capital you can put into it. The time in which you want to reach it can be left open for the beginning only once because you will later develop a feeling for it. In the case of the goal, it can not hurt to always go out of the worst case, for example, I never plan personal commissions and always am prepared that one of my systems could be dropped. If you always show a strict optimism this can become very frustrating over time, but of course everyone is different and you have to figure out how to deal with it.

Just as you have a “great” goal, in view of what you want to achieve overall you should also have a specific goal for each system. My personal goal, it was always only once a 100 € per week in a system to reach, as soon as I have reached that I begin to take out my originally used capital again. As soon as I have done this, I wonder if I again pay more or not, it depends on how the system has developed during this time.

How many systems should I distribute my risk?

If you have now found your goal then you should choose one to three systems for the beginning. Again, it depends on your starting capital. For example, if you have only 500 €, it makes little sense to choose more than one system. If you can now use, for example, 10,000 € capital, then it makes sense to spread your risk to 3 systems. As I said, I can not give you here exact numbers, but optimal for the beginning and highly probable for most are feasible 2 systems. Because the more focused you work the more successful you will be in a business, but since we still have a risk, you should be very careful with the system choice at the beginning, because it is not exactly in this branch on two legs stable. I also try to keep my capital so distributed that I could compensate for a possible total loss, in one of my systems, within two weeks or optimally within a week, through the passive income of my other systems. This time will be a bit bigger with you at the beginning, but you should always go further.

How much starting capital do I need?

I personally never start with less than 500 € in a system and the amount with which I really start depends of course also on the percentage which is paid out to profit and stability. I can not give you an exact number here, but you should take as a rule of thumb that you choose an amount with which you can reach your weekly or monthly goal within the respective system within 3 months at the latest to get into the profit from then on.

Which systems are optimal for the start?

First and foremost, you should always ensure that the real system is really real and that this is as stable as possible. How exactly you can find that, you will learn from me in a later Katogrie. The difference between your first systems compared to the ones you will build later is that the first systems should provide a very good relationship between stability and profit, and you can later enter into less profitable systems. Because it makes little sense if you are looking for a system for the beginning, which is enormously stable, but you need months or years to get into the gears at all. By this I do not mean that you should start in HYIPs, but also real business, but which pays a comparatively high profit, while still offering a relatively low risk. Such programs are very rare to find and if you are looking for systems of this kind, then you can gladly times in my Portfolio .

How long should I build my account?

Especially at the beginning it is important to build up your account for a certain time or to re-pay your profit again. This is necessary so you can increase your profit as quickly as possible, because with this method you can also benefit from compound interest. I can tell you as always no exact period but I personally build my account with stable systems on average for 3 months. This can also vary from system to system and in some cases it is appropriate not to build up your account (eg if you are already started with a high amount, if the system is unstable or if there are only very large packages) It is important to pay attention to how the program is developing, there are negative signs, for example, you may have to stop your account for some time. Conversely, however, it is important that you always stick to your goal, and as soon as you have achieved it, immediately begin to take your profit no matter how good it looks to the system.

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