The online industry can be divided into several areas: Forex trading, cryptosciences, share deals, revshares, HYIPs, matrix systems and other systems. In the following I will explain to you the areas just mentioned and explain to you in each case the advantages and disadvantages in more detail. In addition, you will know which industry in which case would be recommended.

It is advisable to distribute its risk to different industries as there are scenarios that can affect a whole industry, but this is very unlikely, but it can theoretically happen that an entire industry is collapsing.

Forex Trading

Forex trading (also FX market or FX) is quite simply the purchase and sale of different currency pairs (eg EUR / USD or GBP / AUD) where the profit or loss is oriented to the price change. The whole takes place on so-called Brokern, these are in principle online exchanges for the foreign exchange trade. I do not want to go into the matter at this point, if you want to know exactly how Forex Trading works then I’m sure you’ll find some information on the net.

Now there are 3 ways, you can either trade yourself, which is very time intensive and also in my eyes just for lending is a very high risk. However, if you decide to do so, you should first provide comprehensive information and create a demo account to test your learned strategies without the use of real money. The second option is to use copytrading, where you can copy the trades of a more or less experienced trader for a fee and thus get the same profits or losses as this if you do everything right. Possibility number 3 and my personal favorite is to give my capital to an experienced trader or to a company, which gives me a passive profit. In this case, I have to spend almost no time and my risk is still very low. Of course there are also recommended and less recommended systems.

The big advantage with Forex trading systems is that the ratio of profit to risk is very good in most cases. Often, a profit of 5 to 15% is offered weekly, with a risk that is quite well calculated. However, there is always a risk from the Forex market, which is comparatively high. This system can be affected by drastic market movements or a stock market crash.

With these types of systems you should always pay attention that really real Forextradeing is operated and there are also proofs, you should not be familiar with the trading proofs, I recommend you to take a professional at this point, which is the Whole for you. In addition, the usual factors such as transparency or dispersion are also valid here.

I personally consider the Forex market to be one of the most lucrative and at the same time the most stable in the online investment industry and I have placed a large part of my capital here, but we should not forget the risk here.

crypto currencies

So-called cryptographic currencies are digital and decentralized currencies, with bitcoin probably the most familiar of all. Some of the benefits of cryptography are a very low fee, short transaction times across the globe, rising awareness and commitment, high anonymity, no risk of inflation and, last but not least, a strong increase in value is possible. If you would like to learn more about cryptry and bitcoin, you can find out more about how you can profit with cryptoscripts.

In order to make money with cryptic currency, there are, as far as I know, three possibilities

  1. The first option is to simply buy some coins and leave them in their wallet for a longer period (months-years), by this possibility you will not be rich from today to tomorrow, but it is In my opinion a realtively secure long-term plant. Of course, you should have been concerned about cryptry in order to know which has the greatest potential for the future. In general, however, the trend is steadily going upwards for most coins, of course the exceptions also confirm the rule here.

2. A further, now also well-known possibility, to earn on cryptic diseases, takes place directly at the origin. The process of creating cryptocoins is called mining. In the summary, the whole thing works like this: The so-called Miner sites of Bitcoin software their hardware (computing capacity of their high-performance computer) available which is needed to confirm a transaction within the network. For each transaction, which the miner successfully confirms with its computational capacity, he receives a reward in the form of the respective coin. This process is called Mining and requires a lot of high-performance equipment for which you would initially need a high start-up capital, also the rising electricity costs must not be forgotten.

Since mining has become relatively unprofitable in the majority of cases as a result of the increasing difficulty rate and the computational capacity required, there are so-called mining pools. Mining pools are usually operated by large companies which rent part of their mining capacity (usually with the hash rate) to their customers. These mining farms are usually somewhat more profitable, as the price of mining equipment decreases in large quantities, and they are also placed in places where the electricity costs are low and no enormous cooling of the mining facilities is necessary. Even so, you can not expect from this kind of mining any more than 5-10% monthly profits, which in this case would be a realistic amount, with all this I advise to be careful.

If you decide for mining in a mining pool, you should make sure that real real mining is behind it, so you can check if there are pictures and videos of the mining farm in combination with the company. The big mining pools will be found under the Hashraten distribution on , which is a very good sign of real mining. The transparency and professionalism of the company also plays an important role here. Also, when purchasing the mining capacity, you should pay attention to whether the contract is for lifetime or only for a certain period, which in turn would mean a lower profit. A further criterion would be for me, whether the possibility exists also after the purchase different coins to minen or from one Coin to another change. This has the background that it can happen that a coin sometimes already after a short time, for the mining can no longer be sufficiently profitable.

I personally find the mining in itself a little too unprofitable, but for this I (it is necessary to set up his investigations correctly) as comparatively safe. Personally, I am not present in any of the large mining pools, but I am a member of a relatively small group of “private” mining (which has now been closed for new members). This has the advantage that there is no website, employees office buildings or other cost-reducing factors, also no donations have to be paid to a network or commissions, which is ultimately deducted from the profit of the members of the large pools.

3. The third option is Crypto-Trading. I do not want to go into the details, because Crypto-Trading works in principle just like Forex trading. The only big difference is that currency pairs are not traded with Crypto-currency, which can often be even more profitable. This possibility may not be quite as secure as mining, but I see here a much better realtion between risk and profit, because here weekly profits of 5-15% are quite possible. But here, too, it is very important to ensure that the necessary evidence for real crypto trading is also available

Overall, I see the crypto industry as the one with the greatest future potential. Because cryptic stimuli are becoming more and more important every day in the world. If you have not studied the subject so far, then I would definitely recommend it to you, otherwise it is very possible that you will miss a lot in the next few years.


Revshare is the abbreviation for revenue-sharing sites which was on in German as much as revenue share. A Revshare offers its customers the possibility to purchase advertising units in the form of banner text or login ads for a specific price, with which the buyer can apply his own business on the respective site. Strictly speaking, all Revshares do not want to be considered an opportunity to invest, nor is there any mention of an investment. This means that we have the possibility to buy advertising units and are therefore qualified for the sales participation. This revenue participation is now not possible, but only up to a certain point, usually this is expressed in percent. Let’s say you’re going to be involved in up to 120% of the sales, that would mean if you buy packages worth 100 €, you would be involved in the company’s sales until you got 120 € Then you again buy new packages to continue to be involved in the sales of the company.

Where does the sales of a Revshare come from? The sales of a Revshare is always generated by the purchase of other advertising packages, that is, should there be no customers to buy which advertising there will be no more revenue. Some Revshares also have a so-called external income, which is generated not only by the purchase of new advertising packages. As a rule, however, this is never more than a few percent of the total turnover, and each revshare is dependent on new customers / partners.

The advantage with Revshares is that you can increase your income quite quickly, since often small packages worth 5 to 50 € can be selected to buy these quickly afterwards and profit off the compound interest. Also a Revshare is a good choice if you want to promote it, since you can show your potential partners very well the development of your account. On top of that, all members (assuming they want to continue to be involved in sales) can buy new packages from time to time, and you can earn a commission on every package purchased by your partners.

The disadvantage of Revshares is that they always have an expiration date, which means that sooner or later the sales will decrease to a total standstill. This does not mean that it can not be profitable, because it is quite possible that a Revshare pays over several years. In order to find one of these Revshares it needs some knowledge, I will give you afterwards a few factors on which you should pay attention before you join a Revshare

First, you should see if the percentage earnings are not too high, but you must always see the relation between the maximum percentage (Majurity) in my example above, it was 120% if this percentage is very low (ca.105-130% ) Then it can be that the earnings are higher and vice versa. It is best to calculate the pure daily profit, which should not be more than 1%. The higher the daily profit, the more unstable the system, the profit should not be too small. Then it is important that the operator is known and, at best, is very active in contant to his clients / partners, ideally in the form of videos or other communication. Regular live events, hangouts or a large, very positive community can also be a good indication of a stable revshare. All these points are important as they build trust and without the trust of the members in the system, a revshare can not work or will fail at the least difficulty. Unlike in most other industries, timing and growth play an important role. The growth should always be constant, that you can either follow or simply watch the member numbers on the page. You should make sure that you always join a Revshare as early as possible, with a really stable Revshare is my personal upper limit one year after the start, however, it can be too late for unstable Revshares with higher percentages even after a few months or weeks.

My conclusion, Revshares are tasted thing, many have already lost a time money in a Revshare transferred this to the entire industry. I think that with the correct research and sufficient knowledge makes a very good profit with a stable Revshare make, of which there are however only very few on the market.


HYIP’s or “high-yield investment platform” are systems which in most cases distribute a very high amount, but there are also exceptions. As a rule, all systems, which do not represent a real business as a HYIP, are therefore also risk-averse. A HYIP generally works in such a way that the operators build an attractive website, consider a realistic story as they are supposed to generate profit and then pay the “old” members of the money which is paid by new members. In principle, a HYIP is nothing more than a Ponzi, a fraud system. In most cases, a HYIP runs only until the peak of capital within the system is reached and the operator closes the program to disappear with the money. In very rare exceptions, the owner will keep it as long as possible until no money is left, but this is really very unlikely and never foreseeable with certainty.

In general, there are more losers than most of the HYIP’s, so I advise you not to make money here, nor recommend the whole to others, if you do it, I recommend you always point to the risk. Here, as always, there are a few very rare exceptions, in which I also join a HYIP.

If you want to start nevertheless in HYIP’s then I recommend you always the whole as a gamble and never start with more money than you can manage to lose. When choosing a HYIP it is important that the profit fits, 3% daily have been very good in the past, more means here again a shorter term and less makes in my opinion no sense, because then you could start immediately a real business , If you know who the operator is and can assess his intentions in some ways, then this is another plus. For example, the work that the operator puts into the site may be an indication of his intentions, often adding new languages, putting a lot of time into the design, or finding a lot of content on the page, then this is a good sign. The last and most important point is the timing, I personally would never join a HYIP after the first week, because the more time has passed, the higher the risk.

I would like to recapitulate that there are people who successfully earn their income from HYIP’s, but that is very rarely the case, secondly, it needs a lot of experience & amp; And thirdly, you should not forget the moral aspect here, as I have already noted, there are more and more losers at HYIP’s.

Matrix Systems

Matrix systems can not really be referred to as a passive income, yet I decided to mention them here because I think that sooner or later a system like this will cross the road. Often they are also referred to as donation platforms, the reason for this is that no real product or service is offered to us in this kind of system. The only way you can make money here is to get donations from your downline, for which you are only qualified as soon as you make a donation to your upline. Matrix systems are often built according to a pyramid system, which in itself is nothing bad. This means that in most cases, always 2 people are placed directly under each member. As soon as there are 2 people under you and you are a third member, the one placed under one of your two is directly. This process is called Spillover and can at best bring affiliates to you without doing anything to create a matrix structure, but if you want to learn more, you can here .

Matrix systems came to the fore in the middle of 2016 when a new matrix came onto the market almost daily, but this trend did not last long. Nevertheless, you will still encounter the one or other matrix.

The advantage with matrix systems is the very low start-up costs for a high merit potential. The entry price is usually about 20 to 50 € You will have to upgrade later to higher levels in order to get higher amounts from your downline, but this is normally designed so that you can always pay for these upgrades from your already received donations , In addition, all payments do not go through one person (operator / owner of the system) but are sent directly from member to member.

There is, however, a very big drawback and every matrix system will someday “fall asleep” means that as soon as no new people come into the system there will be no more donations and thus no merit. This is something that will occur sooner or later with every matrix. This happens also usually quite fast and since most people of a matrix only join at the beginning and then hope for Spillover. I think you can imagine what happens when only a few are promoting the system and the majority of the members hope only on Spillover but do not do anything for it. If the members take a matrix a bit more seriously (which is a rare occurrence at an entry price of 30 €), then these systems might last longer. The second reason why it can not last forever is quite simple because there is no real product or service behind the system.

Personally, I have not been promoting a matrix for a long time, I was pretty much at the beginning with ZarFund, which was the first bitcoin-based matrix to date. I was able to build a pretty big team at the time. Afterwards, however, I realized that the whole can never go well as long as there are people who are only on Spillover and others who promise spillover to new members. Also for me it has not paid off from the time, I personally at least my work then rather in a really long-term system.

As a conclusion, I would recommend you to join only a matrix, if you have the possibility to build your own team and then you should pay attention to your “strong” partners directly below you and teach others how to build a team yourself can.

Other systems

In addition to the previously mentioned sectors, there are also some individual systems for which it would not be worthwhile to create an extra category. Other systems include all the programs or companies behind which a real business is available and a profit is offered to members. These companies will usually always tell you what they will do with your money and how the profit you get back will be generated. If this is not the case, or if the activities specified by the respective company are not shown, this is a big warning sign for me.

Very much more I can not tell you because this is now a general topic. When researching such an online system, you should always take into account all the factors of the system choice as I will explain it to you in the next training.


Now that you know all the well-known and relevant online industries, it is up to you to select one or several industries based on your goals and resources. For the beginning, it is not a problem in just one industry to start with, I would recommend you to spread your risk on different systems in different areas. In my next training session, you will learn about the factors that determine the system’s choice.

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