This category should be particularly interesting for you, if you’re new to the industry, you do not see the success you want, or you just can not afford it. When it comes to building your own business, whether it is online now or not, your own attitude or view of what you look at things plays a serious role. On the following page, I will show you all the basics which, in my opinion, form the foundation for success in the passive online marketing industry. Because if the foundation is not stable, it is very likely that everything you build on it will not achieve the desired results.


First of all, you should know what you want to achieve at all. In this sector, there are basically only three possibilities:

  1. You have a certain sum available and you just want to let them work passively for you.
  2. You have either no or little money, but you want to make a little money.

  4. You want to break out of your 40-hour job and make your money online.

Answer yourself now the question what you want to achieve, because you will need later.

In addition, you should consider how much starting capital you have available and what working time you want to invest. Based on this you should also consider what monthly, weekly or daily income you want to generate and in what time. For this, however, you will find out more later in the category “Strategy”

3 factors of success

There are exactly 3 relevant factors in this industry (in principle also in every other business)

1. Work: If you assume that you have a very stable system with a low factor risk, then this will most likely require a very long period of time until it becomes profitable at most, as a rule, the percentage profit decreases with the risk. Now, however, the factor of labor comes into play. If you are at a very low risk, therefore you need a very long period of time, then you can contribute work in the form of promotion for your system. By applying your systems, you can earn commissions, that is, the more work you put in, the faster you will get into the profit and the time factor will also drop.

2. Time: With time I do not mean the working hours you put into a project, but rather the time period for which you can work your money within a system. So if you have chosen a system with low risk then you will most likely get a small profit too, so you will need a long time until you see profitable results. This is exactly the case if you do not have the opportunity to invest in your project, because then the factor of time increases again. So if you have no way to put work into your project and do not want to take any risks, then you will have to accept a very long period of time.

3. Risk: If you can not or do not want to work on your project, and you do not have the patience to let your capital work for a long time, there is only one way to take a very high risk. I think it is quite logical that a system which pays a very high profit, within a very short time (without which you have done work) also carries an increased risk.

The art of doing so is, in the final analysis, precisely the systems in which these factors are in a balanced relationship. But you will learn more about this later in a training session.

So now that you know the 3 factors you should again consider what your goals are and whether these are realizable for you.


It is not my job to teach you how to deal with money, but it is very important that you know what you want. A lot of people spend their money on, in my opinion, unnecessary things, but have little left when it comes to building a business. I do not mean that you should scratch your last money to put it in some system. Because you should use one way or the other only the money which you in the worst case can also handle to lose. But if you are one of those people who spend their money on luxury items rather than thinking about their future. Then I can advise you to leave the matter either to be or change your point of view. Because in order to earn money in this sector you need a start-up capital. I am not saying that it is impossible to build up big things with small amounts, but still it takes a lot of time and a lot of work. If you have a decent amount available and in this sense no time pressure, then it is also in order to leave the whole simply for some time passively.

Some people think, however, that they could take 100 € in one hand and thereby become rich overnight. I’m sorry if I destroy your dreams but this will NOT happen and everyone who claims the opposite has either no idea or is only on a fast commission from.

So if you want to start your own business and become successful, then you should learn to set priorities. For example, I spent the first six months of all my money and my entire available time in my business. If you have trouble handling money, then I can recommend you books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” or “The Richest Man of Babylon”.

Most are impatient and think they have to be financially free within the first few weeks and because of course this does not happen. So, you’re over-estimating what they can achieve within days and weeks, but they’re underestimating what they’ll achieve in months and years if they just stay away. Because the first weeks and months are it in which you either a lot of time, work, money or everything put into your business and this seemingly without results. Because the results will only come later, and for this reason perseverance is an important key to success.

Mindset & Further Education

For all who do not know what Mindset means: I mean your thoughts or the way you see things. Apart from building projects and passive systems, it is also enormously important to invest in your mindset and build yourself up. This includes reading books, listening to audio books or watching videos.

It is always important to listen to people who have already achieved what you would like, or are at least in the same way as you are. You can also find a kind of mentor. Personally, however, I recommend you to get your information, if possible always from different sources, as you can make such a good overall picture.

I also learn something new every day and I believe that there will never be a day when I will not. Because there is so much information that is available to us free of charge and that in our time of the internet. No matter what you do, you can still get better. If you do not have this attitude, then you may be stuck at some point, and at the latest you will realize that you have to change something.

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