First Steps

I would like to introduce you on my website not just systems, which I consider good, but I would like to show you exactly by what criteria I have selected these and what is important when you succeed with passive online systems and minimize your risk at the same time want. The reason I specifically created this workout for you is that I noticed that you can find on the internet, if only, trainings around the team building, but not on the basis of the passive income. Because if your foundation or the system on which you build your business is unstable then everything else will not work. For this reason, I created a free training series consisting of 5 parts for you:

1. Basics

Bevor du mit einem Online-System startest sollte deine Disziplin, dein Fokus und deine Einstellung gegenüber deinem Business stimmen und genau das versuche ich dir als erstes mitzugeben

To the Basics

2. Risks

The risk is a very present topic in this industry, some give too much attention to others too little. I will try to give you a healthy idea of what risk you should take and how you can keep it as low as possible.

To the Risks

3. Strategy

Ein sehr großer Anfangsfehler ist es ganz ohne jeden Plan in eines oder mehrere System zu investieren. Ich werde dir in diesem Teil genaue Beispiele bieten was möglich und realistisch ist und mit welcher Strategie du am schnellsten vorankommen kannst.

To the Strategy

4. Chances

There are a lot of passive online systems on the net, which in turn can be divided into different branches. This can often be confusing and confusing, for this reason I will introduce you to the different areas with their advantages and disadvantages.

To the Chances

5. System Choice

The final theme will cover the entire process of the system choice, which is, in principle, the most important of all the steps, because here I will show you the factors that determine the choice of a program. Nevertheless, you will also need the knowledge of the previous traings here.

Each of these points I will bring to you once in text and once in video form, for an optimal understanding, I recommend you look at both versions exactly and this possibly also several times. I also want you to understand that this is not information you find in this form on the nearest website. In these trainings are many hours of research, experience and advanced training which I offer you here for free. So I will give you a step by step guide on how I have achieved success in less than six months and reached my personal goal. If you follow these points conscientiously, it is very probable that you will be able to do so according to the circumstances, but I would like to expressly point out that this training is no guarantee of success.

Very important to achieve the best results is that you start this workout at step one and finish at step five because everything I’m trying to teach you here will build on each other.

To the System Choice