Rev Shares

Revshare is the abbreviation for revenue-sharing-sites which on in German as much as revenue participation had. A Revshare offers its customers the possibility to purchase advertising units in the form of banner text or login ads for a specific price, with which the buyer can apply his own business on the respective site. Strictly speaking, all Revshares do not want to be considered an opportunity to invest, nor is there any mention of an investment. This means that we have the possibility to buy advertising units and are thus qualified for the sales participation. This revenue participation is now not possible, but only to a certain point, usually this is expressed in percent. Let’s say you’re going to be involved in up to 120% of the sales, that would mean if you buy packages worth 100 €, you would be involved in the company’s sales until you got 120 € Then you again buy new packages to continue to be involved in the sales of the company.

Where does the sales of a Revshare come from? The sales of a Revshare is always generated by the purchase of other advertising packages, that is, should there be no customers to buy which advertising there will be no more revenue. Some Revshares also have a so-called external income, which is generated not only by the purchase of new advertising packages. As a rule, however, this is never more than a few percent of the total turnover, and in the end, each revue is dependent on new customers / partners.

The advantage with Revshares is that you can increase your income quite quickly, since often small packages worth 5 to 50 € can be selected to buy these quickly afterwards and profit off the compound interest. Also a Revshare is a good choice, if you want to promote it, since you can show your potential partners very well the development of your account. On top of that, all members (assuming they want to continue to be involved in sales) can buy new packages from time to time, and you can earn a commission on every package purchased by your partners.

The disadvantage of Revshares is that they always have an expiration date, which means that sooner or later the sales will decrease to a total standstill. This does not mean that it can not be profitable, because it is quite possible that a Revshare pays over several years. In order to find one of these Revshares it needs some knowledge, I will give you afterwards a few factors on which you should pay attention before you join a Revshare

First, you should see if the percentage earnings are not too high, but you must always see the relation between the maximum percentage (Majurity) in my example above, it was 120% if this percentage is very low (ca.105-130% ) Then it can be that the earnings are higher and vice versa. It is best to calculate the pure daily profit, which should not be more than 1%. The higher the daily profit, the more unstable the system, the profit should not be too small. Then it is important that the operator is known and, at best, is very active in contant to his clients / partners, ideally in the form of videos or other communication. Regular live events, hangouts or a large, very positive community can also be a good indication of a stable revshare. All these points are important as they build trust and without the trust of the members in the system, a revshare can not work or will fail at the least difficulty. Unlike in most other industries, timing and growth play an important role. The growth should always be constant, that you can either follow or simply watch the member numbers on the page. You should make sure that you always join a Revshare as early as possible, with a really stable Revshare is my personal upper limit one year after the start, however, it can be too late for unstable Revshares with higher percentages even after a few months or weeks.

My conclusion, Revshares are tasted thing, many have already lost a time money in a Revshare transferred this to the entire industry. I think that with the correct research and sufficient knowledge makes a very good profit with a stable Revshare make, of which there are however only very few on the market.

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