Matrix Systems

Matrix systems can not really be referred to as a passive income, yet I decided to mention them here because I think that sooner or later a system like this will cross the road. They are often referred to as donation platforms, and the reason for this is that no real product or service is offered to us in this kind of system. The only way you can make money here is to get donations from your downline, for which you are only qualified as soon as you make a donation to your upline. Matrix systems are often built according to a pyramid system, which in itself is nothing bad. This means that in most cases always 2 people are placed directly under each member. As soon as there are 2 people under you and you are a third member, the one placed under one of your two is directly. This process is called Spillover and can at best give you affiliates without doing anything to create a matrix structure, but if you want to know more, you can here .

Matrix systems came to the fore in the middle of 2016 when a new matrix came onto the market almost daily, but this trend did not last long. Nevertheless, you will still encounter the one or other matrix.

The advantage with matrix systems is the very low start-up costs for a high merit potential. The entry price is usually about 20 to 50 € You will have to upgrade later to higher levels in order to get higher amounts from your downline, but this is normally designed so that you can always pay for these upgrades from your already received donations , In addition, all payments do not go through one person (operator / owner of the system) but are sent directly from member to member.

There is, however, a very big drawback and every matrix system will someday “fall asleep” means that as soon as no new people come into the system there will be no more donations and thus no merit. This is something that will occur sooner or later with each matrix. This happens also usually quite fast and since most people of a matrix only join at the beginning and then hope for Spillover. I think you can imagine what happens when only a few are promoting the system and the majority of the members hope only on Spillover but do not do anything for it. If the members take a matrix a bit more seriously (which is a rare occurrence at an entry price of 30 €), then these systems might last longer. The second reason why it can not last forever is quite simple because there is no real product or service behind the system.

Personally, I have not been promoting a matrix for a long time. At the time, I was at the ZarFund, which was the first bitcoin-based matrix to date. I was able to build a pretty big team at the time. After that I realized, however, that the whole can never go well as long as there are people who are only on Spillover and others who promise spillover to new members. Also for me it has not paid off from the time, I personally at least my work then rather in a really long-term system.

As a conclusion, I would recommend you to join only a Matrix, if you have the possibility to build your own team and then you should pay attention to your “strong” partners directly below you and teach others how they build themselves a team can.

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