Crypto Currencies

So-called cryptographic currencies are digital and decentralized currencies, with bitcoin probably the most familiar of all. Some of the benefits of cryptography are a very low fee, short transaction times across the globe, rising awareness and commitment, high anonymity, no risk of inflation and, last but not least, a strong increase in value is possible. If you would like to learn more about cryptry and bitcoin, you can find out more about how you can profit with cryptoscripts. In order to make money with cryptic currency, there are, as far as I know, three possibilities

1.The first option is to simply buy some coins and leave them in their wallet for a longer period (months-years), by this possibility you will not be rich from today to tomorrow, but it is mine According to a realtively secure long-term plant. Of course, you should have been concerned with cryptry before to know which has the greatest potential for the future, in general, the trend goes up for most coins steadily upward, of course, the exceptions also rule here.

2. A further, now also well-known possibility, to earn on cryptic diseases, takes place directly at the origin. The process of creating cryptocoins is called mining. In the summary, the whole thing works like this: The so-called Miner sites of Bitcoin software their hardware (computing capacity of their high-performance computer) available which is needed to confirm a transaction within the network. For each transaction, which the miner successfully confirms with its computational capacity, he receives a reward in the form of the respective coin. This process is called Mining and requires a lot of high-performance equipment for which you would initially need a high start-up capital, also the rising electricity costs must not be forgotten.

Since mining has become relatively unprofitable in the majority of cases as a result of the increasing difficulty rate and the computational capacity required, there are so-called mining pools. Mining pools are usually operated by large companies which rent part of their mining capacity (usually with the hash rate) to their customers. These mining farms are usually somewhat more profitable, as the price of mining equipment decreases in large quantities, and they are also placed in places where the electricity costs are low and no enormous cooling of the mining facilities is necessary. Even so, you can not expect from this kind of mining any more than 5-10% monthly profits, which in this case would be a realistic amount, with all this I advise to be careful. If you decide for mining in a mining pool, you should make sure that real real mining is behind it, so you can check if there are pictures and videos of the mining farm in combination with the company. The big mining pools will be found under the Hashraten distribution on, which is a very good sign of real mining. The transparency and professionalism of the company also plays an important role here. Also, when purchasing the mining capacity, you should pay attention to whether the contract is for lifetime or only for a certain period, which in turn would mean a lower profit. A further criterion would be for me, whether the possibility exists also after the purchase different coins to minen or from one Coin to another change. This has the background that it can happen that a coin sometimes already after a short time, for the mining can no longer be sufficiently profitable. I personally find the mining in itself a little too unprofitable, but for this I (it is necessary to set up his investigations correctly) as comparatively safe. Personally, I am not present in any of the large mining pools, but I am a member of a relatively small group of “private” mining (which has now been closed for new members). This has the advantage that there is no website, employees office buildings or other cost-reducing factors, also no donations have to be paid to a network or commissions, which is ultimately deducted from the profit of the members of the large pools.

3. The third option is Crypto-Trading. I do not want to go into the details, because Crypto-Trading works in principle just like Forex trading. The only big difference is that currency pairs are not traded with Crypto-currency, which can often be even more profitable. This possibility may not be quite as secure as mining, but I see here a much better realtion between risk and profit, because here weekly profits of 5-15% are quite possible. But here, too, it is very important to ensure that the necessary evidence for real crypto trading is also available Overall, I see the crypto industry as the one with the greatest future potential. Because cryptic stimuli are becoming more and more important every day in the world. If you have not studied the subject so far, then I would definitely recommend it to you, otherwise it is very possible that you will miss a lot in the next few years.

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