High Yield Investment Programs

HYIP’s or “high-yield investment platform” are systems which in most cases distribute a very high amount, but there are also exceptions. As a rule, all systems, which do not represent a real business as a HYIP, are therefore also risk-averse. A HYIP generally works in such a way that the operators build an attractive website, consider a realistic story as they are supposed to generate profit and then pay the “old” members of the money which is paid by new members. In principle, a HYIP is nothing more than a Ponzi, a fraud system. In most cases, a HYIP runs only until the peak of capital within the system is reached and the operator closes the program to disappear with the money. In very rare exceptions, the owner will keep it as long as possible until no money is left, but this is really very unlikely and never foreseeable with certainty.

In general, there are more losers than most winners in most HYIP’s, so I advise you not to deposit money here, or to recommend it to others, should you do it, I recommend you always point to the risk. Here, as always, there are a few very rare exceptions, in which I also join a HYIP.

If you want to start nevertheless in HYIP’s then I recommend you always the whole as a gamble and never start with more money than you can manage to lose. When choosing a HYIP it is important that the profit fits, 3% daily have been very good in the past, more means here again a shorter term and less makes in my opinion no sense, because then you could start immediately a real business , If you know who the operator is and can assess his intentions in some ways, then this is another plus. For example, the work that the operator puts into the site may be an indication of his intentions, often adding new languages, putting a lot of time into the design, or finding a lot of content on the page, then this is a good sign. The last and most important point is the timing, I personally would never join a HYIP after the first week, because the more time has passed, the higher the risk.

I would like to recapitulate that there are people who successfully earn their income from HYIP’s, but that is very rarely the case, secondly, it needs a lot of experience & amp; And thirdly, you should not forget the moral aspect here, as I have already noted, there are more and more losers at HYIP’s.

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